Toys & Gaming

Rapid growth in technological improvements continue to drive growth in all aspects of electronic games, sports and recreation. The video game industry, for example, continues to grow rapidly and is continuing to innovate, improving the content, technology, applications, and the reach and delivery of games. Nixon Vanderhye attorneys have been at the forefront of obtaining and defending intellectual property assets in the video game industry for more than three decades. We are well-versed in identifying and protecting commercially valuable creative, engineering, distribution, and other aspects of video games and video game systems. Through extensive experience gained through many years in this industry, our attorneys are well-equipped to protect and enforce the intellectual property rights of clients in the wide range of video games – from console-based and mobile games to video games in the e-sports industry – in the face of a changing technology.

Nixon Vanderhye has protected and enforced intellectual property rights in the high-stakes casino gaming industry for decades. Diligence in securing and maintaining patent rights in key aspects of the games, associated processes, and game equipment, as well as the securing of appropriate copyrights and trademarks in this high-value industry, requires the skills of attorneys such as ours who have the necessary well-developed insights.

While our attorneys have years of experience helping clients protect sport and recreation equipment, toys, and fitness equipment, these fields are seeing rapid changes and market growth, along with rapid technological growth. Much of this equipment now incorporates wearable sensors, device/environment sensors, mobile or other apps, and leverages real-time information from other connected equipment/devices and the internet to improve the user experience. Nixon Vanderhye attorneys have the breadth and depth of skills and experience to form effective interdisciplinary teams to handle the most interesting innovations in this area.