Communications & Data Transfer

The world is tightly connected for almost instant digital communication and data transfer between businesses, governments, nonprofit organizations, and people located anywhere in the world. Capturing data in large quantities and passing it to nearby processing circuits – such as those found in MRI and other digital imaging systems – are well-known to us. Nixon Vanderhye has been helping clients with patent issues at the forefront of new developments for many decades – from early trunked terrestrial police/fire RF radios to today’s cellular networks interconnecting smart phones and computers including, in some instances, satellite links and undersea cables. We regularly help our clients with patent issues regarding details of digital communication pathways involving copper wire, optical fiber, RF, IR, NFC, and other wireless communication techniques.

Indeed, some of our attorneys have worked as electrical and computer engineers designing and building some of their own communication equipment and programming their own software. We understand circuit details (e.g., integrated circuits that to some are but “black boxes”) required to make communications equipment function as intended.

When public key cryptography and digital rights issues arrived, our attorneys were right there helping inventors with their patent issues. When major players in telephone businesses got involved in internet and cellular standards setting, we were – and still are – there to help with their patent issues. We have long represented major telecommunications companies operating worldwide communication and data transfer networks, and/or manufacturing or installing communications equipment used to constitute those networks. We are also involved with inventions facilitating electronic trading and digital/crypto financial currencies and transfer technologies.

When it comes to the arriving internet of things (IOT), we long ago began to deal with inventions that would today be catalogued in this area. Self-driving cars, the network of computers located inside today’s new cars, inter-car communications, and other innovations all are technological areas with which we are well-acquainted.

In short, when you come to Nixon Vanderhye with a patent issue involving communications and/or data transfer, we already speak your language and are ready to quickly understand and help you with the issue at hand.


We are experienced in the following areas of communication and data transfer technologies:

  • Telecommunications
    • Broadband Technology
    • Network Architecture
    • Network Routing
    • Radio/Satellite Network Applications
    • Television
    • Social Networking
    • Wireless, Wired, and Internet Communications
  • Cryptography
    • Cybersecurity
    • Encryption
  • Internet of Things
  • Data Analytics
    • Data Mining
    • Electronic Trading Exchanges
    • Financial Technology