Chemical, Industrial & Material Science

Nixon Vanderhye has the extensive knowledge and experience to understand the diverse challenges facing our clients in the Chemical, Industrial, and Material Science industries. Our attorneys leverage their training as chemists, chemical and mechanical engineers, scientists, and in business to identify and defend client intellectual property (IP) assets and interests, and also help our clients develop IP strategies that reduce risk, increase competitive advantages, and support overall business goals. As a result, companies both large and small in these industries entrust Nixon Vanderhye with understanding the science and business behind cutting-edge research and development, and protecting the IP assets critical to success.

The Chemical, Industrial, and Material Science industries are central to the world economy, and have an invaluable role in nearly every other industry. Indeed, the importance of these industries cannot be understated. These industries supply raw and intermediate materials around the world for advanced manufacturing; improve the efficiency of food production and water filtration; and enable the continuous advancement in our abilities to communicate, compute, travel, and share goods, services, and ideas. The worldwide economy becomes more integrated each day, increasing both the opportunities and competition in these industries. The ability to build and maintain competitive advantages through continuous innovation and leveraging IP assets is essential for success in these industries.

Nixon Vanderhye attorneys have the legal, technologic, and business acumen to support the full range of companies in the Chemical, Industrial, and Material Science industries. We work with innovators of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, and our attorneys have addressed nearly every type of IP issue that arises in the Chemical, Industrial, and Material Science industries. Our clients include global agricultural and household chemical product suppliers, manufacturers of ground-breaking analytical and detection technologies, and pioneers in nanotechnologies, semiconductors, composites, and ceramics. We represent innovators synthesizing cutting-edge nanotubes and small molecule pharmaceuticals, start-ups bringing university nanotechnologies to market, and visionaries developing energy-efficient solutions and display technologies.


Our technology practice areas are as diverse as the Chemical, Industrial, and Material Science industries themselves and include:

  • 3-D Printing
  • Adhesives and Paints
  • Agrochemical
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Biomarkers and Diagnostics
  • Building Materials
  • Cancer Therapies
  • Ceramics
  • Chemical Particle Detectors
  • Cosmetics
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Enzyme Technology
  • Food & Beverage Technology
  • Genetics
  • Herbicides and Pesticides
  • Immunology
  • Medical & Biomedical Devices
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Organometallics
  • Plant Fertilizer
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Polymers
  • Semiconductors
  • Small Molecule Therapeutics
  • Specialty Chemicals

Our attorneys have a wide array of legal skills and experience to meet the needs of our clients:

  • We help our clients build and protect worldwide patent portfolios, often working with inventors and business units to identify and execute the most cost-efficient strategies for protecting core IP assets.
  • Our attorneys support product development, through IP landscape and freedom-to-operate analyses, competitor and industry IP assessments, and product design counseling.
  • We enforce and defend our clients’ IP and business interests in adversarial situations, including private dispute resolution and litigation in state and federal courts. Our experience includes post-patent application allowance procedures, interferences, IPRs, reissues, reexaminations, and post grant reviews.
  • We provide legal opinions on existing and emerging technologies, client IP assets, and third party IP.
  • We support merger and acquisition activities through IP due diligence and portfolio reviews.
  • We draft and negotiate licenses and other agreements involving IP, products, and services. Our representation includes software licensing, joint development agreements, and complex business arrangements among parties in multiple countries.
  • We secure trademark rights, develop brand strategies, and defend our clients’ brands and trademarks.
  • We also help clients train their employees in useful IP topics, such as trade secret protection, IP issues involved in product development, and systematic IP asset reviews.

Whether our clients are converting raw materials, revolutionizing processing equipment or analytical devices, pioneering applications of nanotechnology, or introducing new therapeutic compounds to stave off disease, they trust Nixon Vanderhye with procuring IP rights and building IP portfolios, identifying and minimizing IP risks, defending against third-party IP claims, and shielding the competitive advantages critical to their business objectives.