Nixon Vanderhye’s Biotechnology team understands the issues faced by innovators in the biotechnology, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices industries. Our team is purpose-built of seasoned IP attorneys with a unique blend of advanced technical knowledge and industry experience that is united by a strong commitment to deliver dedicated, efficient and effective intellectual property strategic counseling and services tailored to meet the particular needs of our clients.

All members of the team have at least 10 years of experience prosecuting patents before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and globally. Most attorneys have Ph.D.-level technical training in chemistry, biology, genetics, or a closely related field. The team includes attorneys who have served as in-house legal counsel and lead drug discovery scientists for major biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and those who have held positions at federal agencies, including at the USPTO and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Our team helps with strategic IP portfolio planning, development, acquisition, and enforcement; all aspects of the patent process, including but not limited to patent preparation and prosecution both domestically and worldwide; patent landscape analyses; freedom to operate, patentability, non-infringement, and invalidity opinions; appeals; post-grant proceedings; reexaminations; and reissues. We provide strategic counseling on maximizing patent term and exclusivity, on IP due diligence, research collaborations, joint ventures, licensing and technology transfer, and IP audits.


We work with a broad range of technologies at all stages of the drug product life cycle, from discovery through clinical development and commercialization. Our team represents biotechnology and life sciences companies at all stages, from formation to exit, across a broad range of technologies, including:

  • Therapeutic
      • Therapy
      • Protein Based Therapeutics
        • Biotherapeutics (Biologics and Biosimilars)
        • Antibody Based Drugs
        • Antibody Mimetics
        • Peptide Drugs
        • Vaccines
      • Nucleic Acid Based Therapeutics
        • RNA and RNA Analogue Therapeutics
        • DNA and DNA Analogue Therapeutics
        • Gene Therapy
        • Genome Editing
      • Cell Based Therapeutics
        • Tissue Engineering and Regeneration
        • Cell Engineering
        • Immune Therapeutics
        • Microbiome Based Therapeutics
      • Stem Cell, Progenitor, and Primary Cell Therapeutics
      • Regenerative Therapeutics
      • Targeted Therapeutics
      • Drug Discovery, Delivery, and Formulation Platforms
      • Manufacturing
      • Upstream Bioprocessing (Cell Culture, Bioreactor and Fermentation Technology)
      • Downstream Bioprocessing (Purification)
      • Formulation
      • Diagnostics
      • Protein Based Diagnostics Technologies
      • Nucleic Acid Based Diagnostics
      • Precision Medicine
      • Theranostics
      • Pharmacogenomics
      • Companion Diagnostics
      • Medical Devices
  • Industrial and Agricultural Biotechnology
      • Synthetic Biology
      • Protein Engineering
      • Biocatalysts (Enzymes and Microorganisms)
      • Bioprocessing (Bioreactor and Fermentation Technology)
      • Plant and Microorganism Metabolic Engineering
      • Genetically Modified Organisms (Microorganisms, Plants, and Animals)
      • Bio Based Products (Chemicals, Monomers, Polymers, and Gasses)
      • Green and Clean Technology
  • Nutraceuticals