Agriculture & Irrigation

Advances in farming and agriculture technology enable farmers to more efficiently grow better crops.  In this industry, a challenge is to satisfy an increasing demand for food and fiber while simultaneously protecting the world’s precious natural resources.  Innovative products and solutions from clients of Nixon Vanderhye are helping to meet this global demand.

Nixon Vanderhye has been at the forefront in providing IP protection to clients for these and other agriculture industry products including sprinkler technology that achieves greater water and energy savings.  Sprinkler products that are engineered for specific water distribution as well as control valves, pressure regulators, and center pivot components patented by Nixon Vanderhye clients assist in achieving these objectives. 

To expand market share, increase profitability, and remain competitive, agriculture industry manufacturers constantly seek to develop new product lines, enhance supply chains, improve inventory control, consolidate or outsource resources to improve efficiencies, and identify alternative components, parts, or systems.  Nixon Vanderhye has been representing clients in this space for over 30 years, working with leading agricultural and sprinkler manufacturing companies and delivering legal strategies to help protect, advocate, and leverage their valuable IP assets.