Michael J. Shea


Michael Shea is active in both litigation and prosecution in complex electrical and computer technologies.

Nixon Vanderhye Shareholder Michael Shea’s practice is focused on patent prosecution, litigation, and counseling. He combines his educational background in physics, experience as an examiner with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and lifelong interest in “figuring out how things work” to help his clients meet their patent-related goals.

Mike’s wide-ranging patent prosecution experience includes technologies related to:

  • Video Game Systems
  • Communications Systems and Networks including Social Networks
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Semiconductor Memory Devices
  • Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Liquid Crystal Displays

In addition, Mike is involved in many litigation matters and regularly provides clients with opinions on infringement, validity, and patentability issues.

Mike joined Nixon Vanderhye in 1998.  Prior to that, he was a partner at an IP firm in Washington, D.C. and a USPTO examiner.

Mike shares his insights on various IP topics as a speaker at various legal and industry events and seminars. He was an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center and for many years was a contributor to a textbook (and its annual supplements) relating to the drafting of patent applications for litigation and licensing.


  • Olivistar v. Toshiba*   (E.D. Tx)  (Co-lead counsel. Negotiated settlement agreement and dismissal of lawsuit)
  • Multiplayer Network v. Toshiba*   (E.D.Tx)  (Co-lead counsel. Lawsuit dismissed.)
  • ACT v. Toshiba* (N.D. Ca)  (Co-lead counsel defending claim of infringement of USB socket assembly. Stayed in view of IPR)
  • In the matter of Certain Consumer  (ITC)  (assisting lead counsel in defending Electronics  Toshiba regarding patents for LCD panels and graphic processors.)
  • Graphics Properties Holdings, Inc. v.    (D. Del)  (Co-lead chair representing Toshiba America Info. System*   computer seller in lawsuit involving patents on LCDs)
  • Advanced Display Tech. v.   (E.D. Tx.)  (Co-lead chair representing Dell (Toshiba America*) seller of DVD recorders and computers involving patent on method to tag and organized recorded video.) Medical Monitoring and Paging LLC v. (S.D. IN)  (Lead counsel for defendant in lawsuit relating to medical devices) Philips Electronics North America Corporation et al. (Oxford Biosignals*)
  • Graphics Properties Holdings, Inc. v.    (S.D.N.Y)  (Co-lead chair representing Nintendo Co. (Toshiba America*) computer seller in lawsuit involving patents on processors. Plaintiff dismissed lawsuit)
  • Patent Harbor v. (E.D. Tx)  (co-lead counsel representing Audiovox (TACP*) seller of DVD recorder/player and computers in lawsuit involving patent involving video content.  After completing discovery and eliminating one patent on claim construction/summary judgment, settled with plaintiff)
  • FastVDO LLC v. Apple Inc. (Toshiba) (D. Del)  (co-lead counsel representing Toshiba in patent involving digital compression. Court entered favorable claim construction ruling based on our proposed claim constructions).
  • AltratechJapan Corp v. Chi Mei (TACP*)   (E.D. Tx)  (co-lead chair counsel representing television manufacturer regarding patents for illumination of LCD panels).
  • Intellectual Capital Holdings v. LG Electronics (TACP*) (E.D. Tx)  (co-lead chair counsel representing television manufacturer regarding patent on a heat sink for a processor in a projection  television. Court adopted defendants claim construction, based on which plaintiff agreed there was no infringement. Federal Circuit affirmed judgment of no infringement.).
  • International Control Systems, LLC. v. Sony Electronics, (TACP*)   (E.D. Tx)  (co-lead chair counsel representing television manufacturer regarding audio related patent. Settled).
  • Positive v. TACP*(Toshiba) et al   (E.D. Tx)  (co-lead chair counsel representing television manufacturer in action for infringement of patents related to liquid crystal displays (LCDs), presented successful arguments at claim construction hearing, deposed the inventor and other witnesses, and defended depositions of technical witnesses. Settlement reached shortly after favorable court ruling on claim construction issues.)
  • IP Innovations v. Toshiba* (N.D. Ill)  (Second chair defense counsel in infringement action on patents related to signal filters for televisions.  Settled).
  • Soundview v. TACP et al.* (CAFC)  (successful appeal of a district court grant of summary judgment of non-infringement.)
  • AU Optronics v. Sharp et al*   (E.D. Va)
  • Parental Guide v. Toshiba (TACP)* et al . (C.A.00-cv-262 (E.D. Tex))
  • TechSearch v. Toshiba*   (01C 9150, N.D. Ill.)
  • Flashpoint Tech. v. Toshiba*   (02-CV-554, D. Del)
  • Virginia
  • District of Columbia
  • New York
  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • J.D., Georgetown University Law Center, 1990
  • B.S. in Physics, magna cum laude, Manhattan College, 1984
  • Drafting Patents for Litigation and Licensing (chapter on electrical patents and annual supplements)

Get To Know Mike

What are your hobbies?

Photography – bald eagles and landscapes

What book couldn’t you put down?

Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand