Nixon Vanderhye attorney playing key role in hurricane recovery efforts

February 4, 2020

Nixon Vanderhye attorney Joe Presta and wife Jill have been helping with recovery efforts in Hope Town, Bahamas following the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian, making numerous boat trips to and from the island transporting people and supplies. They have delivered food and clothing, water, medical supplies, generators and other necessities as well as special treats to help reduce stress levels and build morale of the residents. Just before Christmas, they surprised the residents of the island by delivering numerous Christmas trees, stands, lights and decorations for homes and the town park.

The Nassau Guardian newspaper highlights some of the heart-warming details at

Here is a link to a home video showing friends in Hope Town decorating the tree for the town park.

Clean-up efforts continue and will for years to come, and families are starting to return to rebuild their lives. A small group of children can be seen around the island, and Joe and Jill continue to bring special treats for them such as coloring books and crayons.