Rob Faris

Throughout his 25+ year career as a patent attorney, Rob has concentrated on communicating complex technical concepts in understandable ways to assist and counsel clients in solving complex legal problems. He has helped a diverse range of clients from large multinational corporations to high tech startups to independent inventors in developing strategic patent portfolios. Rob also handles complex reexaminations and reissues, prepares opinions, performs patent clearance and risk assessment and represents clients in negotiations and licensing transactions.

"Cost-efficient representation in patent prosecution, opinion preparation and negotiation should be informed by knowing what happens when patents are litigated."

Rob has extensive experience in high-tech high-profile patent cases and has been an integral part of teams litigating federal district court/ITC actions including four jury trials. Rob's role has generally been to support lead trial counsel on more technical tasks including infringement and validity analysis, expert discovery and witness preparation, dispositive motion and claim construction advocacy and direct and cross examination preparation.

"Effective IP representation benefits from an intellectual curiosity about how things work."

Rob's technical interests include digital electronics, computer graphics, user interfaces, computer hardware and programming, computer security and encryption, wireless and wired communications, digital rights management, computer networking, automotive electronics and systems, nanotechnology, semiconductor and microdevice fabrication and more. Rob is a member of ACM, SIGGRAPH, IEEE, Eurographics, ARRL, AIPLA, ABA and NESA. He is a registered Patent Attorney and a member of the Virginia bar.

What's most important about patent law? Like every other truly worthwhile endeavor, it's the people.